Long Term Effects of Marijuana Use – What Should I Know?

By June 30, 2017News/Info

Ask anyone if they know the long term effects of frequent smoking of marijuana and you’ll get a variety of answers. Marijuana is more popular than ever, due to relaxed laws and our ever changing views of the drug.

In the last ten years, there has been a huge spike in the number of people who say they’ve smoked pot before. According to one study done in 2012-2013, 9.5% of people said they had used pot, double the number before. We think people should know a few things about the long term effects that may come from daily use of marijuana.

Most people are familiar with the short-term effects, and they are often referenced in pop culture. Effects like hunger, sleepiness, memory loss and euphoria are well known.

Memory Loss Effects

One study found that long term marijuana use can cause young people to forget words by the time they reach middle age.  However, long term usage doesn’t appear to affect other mental capacities such as focus and problem solving skills according to the study.

Social & Economic Problems

The University of California researched long term marijuana use and determined it’s unsafe. The study showed that long-term marijuana users ended up in lower social classes than their parents. The researchers observed children from birth until age 38. They found that those who smoked four or more times a week had lower-paying, less-skilled, and less-prestigious jobs than those who were not regular pot smokers. They also found regular users of pot were more likely dependent on alcohol.

Depression and Marijuana

Research has shown that marijuana is effective in treating depression. THC stimulates cells in your brain that release dopamine, which effects mood and behavior. THC also gives users relaxation and pain relief. It’s also effective at relieving stress.

As you can see, there are positives and negatives to marijuana. We are not condoning drug use in any way, we just want you to know some of the facts.