Popular Myths About Drug Testing

By March 11, 2017News/Info
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As with most things, there are a variety of myths out there concerning drug testing. We figure now is a good time to put those myths to bed!


Home drug tests don’t work

We understand your concern. Before you spend money on a home test, you want to be assured it will deliver accurate results. Our products are manufactured in an FDA regulated facility right here in the USA. Taking a test at home is a convenient way to gauge your results before taking a mandatory lab test. We guarantee 99% accuracy on our tests.


Drinking water before the test can help you pass

The best way to pass a drug test is to simply not use drugs. That said, if you are trying to get clean, drinking lots of water might help flush your system to a degree but it won’t do it fast enough. Drinking water will dilute your urine, but it can also dilute other byproducts in your system.


All drugs stay in your system for the same timeframe

There are many factors that may affect the amount of time it takes for a drug to leave the system. Factors such as: metabolism, height, weight, drug usage and/or frequency all play a role.  There are some general guidelines, but there is not a standard length of time.


Home drug tests are more expensive than lab tests

While lab tests are the most accurate way to get definitive results, they can be costly. They range from $50-$200 on average. Our home test kits start at $6.95 for a single panel test, and you will know your results within minutes. You can even purchase several tests and get free shipping.  Some of our tests, such as the Utest-O-Meter, can help you track your levels until you are totally clean.