Drug Testing Made Simple: Save time, Save Money, Save Embarrassment, Save Yourself – Choose ÜTest

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Real people just need real results. Without judgement, without shame. That’s where we come in, drug testing made simple.

We are in the business to help people. Whatever reason you may need to use one of our home drug tests, we’re here to provide a product you can depend on with customer service that is within reach.

At ÜTest we want to accomplish a few goals for our customers:

Save Time

Going into a laboratory or going out of the way to a store to get a drug test takes time out of the day. With the convenience of a ÜTest product, you have accurate results within the privacy of your own home.


Save Money

Purchasing a drug test from a Walgreens/CVS can be costly, and may cost you an upwards of $25-$50 depending on the test. We strive to provide an affordable option for our customers.


Save Embarrassment

We understand that buying a drug test from your local pharmacy can be one of those “items” that’s embarrassing to put onto the counter as you check out. We hope to save you from that! By purchasing our product online, there’s no need to buy a test publicly. When we “blind ship” our products directly to your door step, we ensure is no reference to buying a drug test on the packaging.


Save Yourself

At ÜTest, we say “know before you go”. Meultimate-thc-packaning, it’s always good to take the precautionary measure of taking an at home test before whatever test you may have (lab, court ordered, probation/parole, sports team, etc.)

We are passionate about drug testing. Innovation, quality and accuracy have been the cornerstones of our success since 1996. Our family owned business continues to be on the cutting edge in the diagnostic field by constantly improving and innovating our products. While doing so, we make sure that we continue to have high quality American made tests.

No matter who you are, what you do, or why you’re taking our test we hope to provide you with exactly what you need in a drug test. As always, we thank you and appreciate your business!!